Musician Grooming

The curriculum is designed in a graded manner, where learners from any class can start from the first grade, and keep advancing as the years go by:

Basic Skill Development

Being able to express oneself orally in music: singing, composing by experimenting with the voice and participating in playing music together and vocal performances.

Being able to express oneself in writing in music: using various forms of notation. Writing is also used to experiment with language rhymes, rhythm and sound, to present musical experiences, ideas and forms of expression, and to reflect upon subject knowledge.

Being able to read in music: being able to interpret and understand various musical expressions, symbols, signs and types of notation.

Being able to do mathematics in music: learning about the fundamental elements of music and different musical patterns, variations and forms and to be able to calculate time and space in music and body-movement expressions.

Being able to use digital tools in music: focuses on developing music-technology competence connected to listening, playing and composing music.

Course Features

  • Subject Mater Areas: Rhythm & Meter, Melody & Pitch, Harmony, Form & Expression
  • Singing: Playing, speaking, moving, conducting, reading, writing, constructing
  • Listening: Aurally identifying, responding, discussing, analysing, reflecting, describing
  • Creating: Improvising, composing, interpreting