Singer Grooming

The Sparsh Music Academy is one of the renowned Playback Singing School in Kolkata. Besides training in Sur & Taal, the school particularly teaches the detailed nuances of playback, which is a highly specialised job. It trains in voice-modulation to suit playback for different actors & actresses.

Besides this, the playback singing classes of Sparsh also give a comprehensive orientation in various forms of singing like Ghazals, Sufi and Classical music as well.

The courses will take the student through various stages of learning singing & music, such as - a seat of learning music with respect to Playback Singing, Traditional Styles, Light Classical (Thumri, Ghazal, etc), Western, Sufi / Devotional, Folk, Stage Performance, Studio Recording, etc.



There would be intense riaz, or say, practice sessions in classes under the best music gurus & well-known singers from Kolkata and outside. There will be an audio record of each student’s progress, in the form of CD’s created in a professional studio, with accompaniments.

Course Features

  • Fundamentals of vocal singing, beginning with its theoretical description
  • Appreciation of notes and its usage
  • Pitching practice with emphasis of individual scales
  • Beginning of basic diction practice
  • Basic breathing techniques
  • Introduction of basic rhythm
  • Practice of Alankars and sargams. Techniques of ‘gamak’, ‘murki’ etc.
  • Art of devotional singing
  • Voice modulation and vocal projection techniques
  • Voice culturing techniques with individual attention
  • Induction of emotions and expressions into vocal singing
  • Practice of sargams within rhythm cycles
  • Nuances of straight-note songs
  • Voice throw techniques and its usage in different styles
  • Emphasis on playback technique
  • Description of blending classical music techniques into light music
  • Intro to western music
  • Talk on modern day music and recording techniques
  • Studio/Vocal dynamics sessions
  • Techniques of singing on the Microphone